Monday, June 22, 2009

The Five Types of Conversation

  • i like you
  • i hate you
  • we hate other people/things (aka, bullshit!)
  • we love other people/things (aka, awesome!)
  • the weather

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

afternoon in Vermont

it's odd to feel the baking sun when the only heat is from the rays themselves and not the air around you. one small cloud could make it cold again.
But for the moment my skin was pink and warm.

Maybe this is is what it means to be a cynical capital-R-Romantic

Even though I like being alone, I always seem to have a crush. Always. I fall in love at the drop of the hat--on the street, the train, in the bar, with a waiter, with a random dude at a party, with someone at work. At every movie, in every play, in every band. I must always pick out someone. It's like a game. Wherever I go, I find the one that I will love and pine for for the next 10 minutes, hour, night, week. All my relationships are superficial and hypothetical. And I guess I seem to like them that way. I wouldn't know what to do with an actual person.

A drinking solution.

I use booze to treat my depression most likely caused by booze.

Things I've Said While Drunk That I Still Totally Mean

  • We should start our own bar.
  • No, Dude Where's My Car is a great example of comedic film-making.
  • Let's live together and buy a piano.
  • Coldplay sucks.
  • That guy is cute.
  • Everything's the damn same wherever you go.
  • I love booze.